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About us


In 2002, following a Christmas disaster, Sue, with the help of her husband, set out to invent a better Christmas tree stand.  She could see the inherent problems with all the existing stands on the market and felt she could do better. 

Step 1:  Identify the problems with existing stands on the market.  That was simple.  Almost all Christmas tree stands on the market used screws to support the tree.  These screws would strip, bend, break and twist and over goes the tree.  The other issue was span; the size of the base was too small.  The typical size of the base of most stands was at the most 20".  This is too small.

Step 2: Design the better stand.  Replace the screws with a patented, Nylon clamping system and increase the span (base) to over 30" making it the largest in the category.  Add in a couple of more unique features like the increased height and stepped pot bottom and the design was complete.  Over a period of about 18 months the original Omega Tree Stand was proto-typed, tested and patented.

Since then the Omega Tree Stand has become the top selling tree stand in Canada and has been shipped throughout the world.  It has been featured three times on Canada's Shark Tank; The Dragons' Den and became one of the most successful products ever featured.  Sue has become an inspiration to many.

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