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Omega Plastics' products are available at most major retailers in Canada and many in the U.S.

Products also available throughout North America at Independent nurseries and lawn & garden centers


Purchase FACTORY DIRECT in small quantities as little as 1 master-pack for your store or business

Omega Plastics Inc. designs and manufactures all of their products.  Omega has over 17 years in business and is well versed and compliant  in EDI, NAFTA, customs, logistics, bar codes,Chep pallets, etc.

The Omega Tree stand is available in 60 and 80 unit pallets as well as POP 12 packs.  Custom configurations are also available.

The OM2 Tree stand is shipped in POP 12 packs, 6-8 packs per pallets.



Weekly production: 7500 units

Monthly production:30,000 units

In the event demand dictates additional capacity, weekly volume can be doubled in 8-10 weeks

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