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The Omega TreeSaver

New & Improved for 2020

The Omega TreeSaver is an automatic Christmas Tree watering system cleverly disguised as a Christmas present.  It holds 2 gallons of water and requires NO batteries or electricity.  The water flows by means on siphon action.  It's simple physics!


A simple weight keeps the hose at the bottom of the stand

Works with any tree stand

The only thing better than the Omega TreeSaver is 2 Omega Treesavers


How it works

It’s so easy to use!! It works with most stands
1. Attach weight to other end of hose
2. Place hose end in bottom of tree stand
3. Fill the container with water, attach bow
4. Lift the reservoir to start siphon action

5. Lower reservoir and water will continue to flow to your stand until equal levels in both the stand and reservoir are achieved.  At this point both water levels will decrease together as the tree takes it


The Omega TreeSaver arrives retail-ready in shipper casepacks of 8 or individually packaged for online sales.

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